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Willows are amazing plants. They grow very quickly and their long, straight, slender, supple shoots and pussy willows can be used for all sorts of arts and craft projects. They are also great for the environment and play host to whole communities of other plants and animals. 

All in all we think willows are a wonderful living teacher! You can use willow to make christmas decorations and wreaths, a heart for Valentine’s Day, an Easter tree or a magic wand for Halloween! We’ve created dozens of activities which we hope will increase peoples appreciation of this Wonder Tree. 

Some of our activities are free. All you need to do is set up an account and the pdf will be sent straight to your inbox. Other activities are £0.79 each but we also offer bundles at a discount price.

We hope you enjoy our website and have great fun exploring the beauty, diversity, adaptability and versatility of willows!


Practical Activities

You will love the activities from the first steps!

You will be surprised at what you can achieve by using willow branches

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Ageless Activities

Hours of Fun For Any Age!

People of any age will have endless amount of fun with the wide range of activities available.

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Your knowledge of nature will increase

Some simple activities that will help expand your knowledge of the world around you

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